Sister Monica Fumo Society

The Sister Monica Fumo Society has been St. Joan Antida High School’s Leadership Giving society, recognizing special benefactors who provide significant support to St. Joan Antida High School (SJA).

The Society was named in honor of Sister Monica Fumo, SCSJA who served St. Joan Antida High School for more than 40 years, including serving in roles as faculty, Vice Principal, Principal, President and Chancellor.

To continue the work of the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida, we have established the Sisters' Legacy FundThe Sister Monica Fumo Giving Society will be rolled into our new Fund. While still honoring Sister Monica’s commitment to the SJA mission, the new Fund will be more inclusive by honoring all our dear Sisters. As someone who always supported the high school, Sister Monica would have wanted a Fund such as this to ensure the work of so many was being acknowledged by all those they served. 

The Sisters' Legacy Fund will help our school by supporting the initiatives that are at the heart of the school. The spirit of the Sisters was to always ensure that the school’s mission continued – whether the needs were anticipated or unexpected. In the same spirit, your gift today will help SJA be prepared to meet the successes as well as challenges of tomorrow.

For more information on The Sisters' Legacy Fund please contact
Joel Cencius, Chief Development Officer, at (414) 274-4710 or

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