Gift Areas

Thank you for considering a gift to support the mission of St. Joan Antida High School!

There are many options for ways you can directly support SJA students. Learn more below.

General Operating Fund

The General Operating Fund is the primary means for alumnae, parents of graduates and our friends to support the annual operating budget of SJA.

Annual gifts to this Fund provide for the greatest flexibility of your donation as it allows us to apply it to the greatest needs of the school. Although tuition makes up a majority of the school's revenue, it only covers 50 percent of the actual cost of an SJA education. The remaining 50 percent (or $8,500 per student) is covered by fundraising, including the gifts given annually to the General Operating Fund.

Here are a few examples of what gifts to the General Operating Fund helped provide last school year:

  • Transportation to and from school for 125 students
  • A new global issues research database for the school library
  • Classroom equipment for more than 140 students who took Engineering classes
  • Scholarship and financial aid assistance to 98% of SJA students who rely on this support to attend SJA

For more information about donating to our general operating fund, please contact Rebecca Surges, Senior Director of Development, at (414) 274-4710 or

Restricted Gifts

Donors may make designated restricted gifts to a certain academic program, to fund individual student scholarships or to fund a specific area of school operations.

For more information about restricted gifts, please contact Rebecca Surges, Senior Director of Development at (414) 274-4710 or

Endowed Scholarships

Create a legacy for future generations of SJA students.

Endowed scholarships allow SJA to assist students on a long-term, annual basis. A minimum gift of $25,000 or more is required to establish an Endowed Scholarship Fund. After one-year from fund establishment, a percentage of the earnings from the fund are awarded based on the donor’s wishes. The donor works directly with the development staff to establish scholarship criteria.

For more information on setting up an Endowed Scholarship Fund, please contact Rebecca Surges, Senior Director of Development at (414) 274-4710 or

Memorial Gifts

Honor a loved one in a meaningful way with a memorial gift to SJA.

Gifts may be made in memory or in honor of a member of your family or the school’s family. Families will be notified when memorial gifts are received. Both in-memory and in-honor gifts are recognized in our Annual Report.


For more information about memorial gifts, please contact Rebecca Surges, Senior Director of Development at (414) 274-4710 or

Sister Monica Fumo Society

Membership in the Sister Monica Fumo Society requires an annual unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more.

Learn more here.

Event Sponsorships

Support the St. Joan Antida High School mission by partnering as an event sponsor!

Join us as an event sponsor for one of our annual special events. All monies raised at events assist in covering annual operating expenses at the school. Event sponsorships are key in reducing event expenses, therefore helping to maximize profits that directly benefit SJA students.


If you are interested in supporting SJA through an event sponsorship, underwriting or in-kind gift please contact Rebecca Surges, Senior Director of Development at (414) 274-4710 or

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