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Something happens when you walk through the doors of St. Joan Antida High School (SJA)...

something special. Whether it is a guest, parent, staff member, or student, the answer to “Why St. Joan’s?” is always the same. It’s a feeling you get—in your heart. That feeling exemplifies the purest form of community that supports our students to succeed.

Our students have so much to offer, but many are limited by obstacles beyond their control. While at SJA, we let each student know that we believe in her and that she belongs here. Combining this with daily encouragement of each young woman to “Be You,” we’ve watched our students soar as they build their skills, their confidence, and their futures.

Our Students Say it Best:


“SJA encourages me to believe in hope. I have greater confidence in my skills and am open to discovering more about who I am. I’ve gained more self-assurance.”

— Kim, Class of 2024


“SJA has helped me find my sense of belonging. I have never felt so comfortable in a space before. The staff embraces my differences and empowers me to engage in my passions.”

— Absatou, Class of 2025

Be You.

“When I came to SJA, I felt I could be my authentic self – I have never felt the need to ‘fit in’ or seek special attention. Everyone at SJA treats one another the same because we are a family.”

— La’niaya, Class of 2026