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Nun Run

7th Annual NUN Run - Aug. 7, 2022

Rally your teammates and get ready to join us Sunday, Aug. 7th for the 7th Annual NUN Run*! 

Lemme guess, you’re “not a runner” and walking “isn’t your thing.” 

NO WORRIES! The NUN Run is just that: NONE run, NONE walk—as in zip, zilch, nada. NO ONE runs—not even a NUN! 

Watch for all the details coming soon in the new year. 


In case you’re wondering…no, the date is not a typo. Summertime is the perfect time for team building (and FUN) for the sake of our students!   

*The NUN Run is a benefit event organized by St. Joan Antida High School, in collaboration with the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida, to raise the critical funds needed to continue its mission to empower young women of all backgrounds through a values-based education.