IRA Charitable Rollover

Give tax-free distributions through your IRA.

Congress has extended tax-free distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts for charitable purposes. That means any gift made directly from your IRA to St. Joan Antida High School (SJA) counts toward your minimum distribution and will not be considered taxable income. Each taxpayer can give up to $100,000 tax free in any tax year. This type of gift may be particularly appropriate if you are over the age of 70½ and required to take a minimum distribution from your IRA but do not need additional income.

Why should someone age 70½ or older give to SJA?

By supporting SJA you help young women who long for an education so they can be successful in life and in serving others.

Through a Catholic values-based education, SJA is committed to preparing young women to lead and serve in a global society.


The key requirements for the IRA Charitable Rollover provision are:

  • The IRA account holder must be at least age 70½ at the time the distribution is made.
  • The distribution must be made directly from the IRA custodian to St. Joan Antida High School.
  • Gifts to all charities combined cannot exceed $100,000 per donor per year.
  • The gift can only be made from an IRA. Gifts from 401(k), 402(b) and 457 plans are not permitted.
  • No goods or services can be received by the donor in exchange for the IRA gift. IRA rollovers cannot be used to fund a charitable annuity or trust and cannot be made to a private foundation, donor advised fund, or a supporting organization.

As always, we advise that you consult your advisor to see if this type of gift is right for you.


How do I make a 2020 IRA Charitable Rollover gift to St. Joan Antida High School?

  1. Contact your IRA administrator/custodian and request a direct charitable distribution to St. Joan Antida High School (TAX ID: 39-1570748).
  2. Request that the check be sent directly to: St. Joan Antida High School, 1341 N Cass Street, Attn: Development Department, Milwaukee, WI 53202.
  3. Request the IRA administrator/custodian to include your name and address as donor of record and that they copy you on the transmittal.
  4. To qualify for the 2019 tax year, the IRA transfer must be made prior to December 31.
  5. Please inform our staff listed below of the transfer. If you would like your gift designated for a specific fund, our development staff will need that information in writing.

    For more information or make an IRA Rollover gift, please contact:Joel Cencius, Chief Development Officer (414) 274-4710 or