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St. Joan Antida High School does require students to wear a uniform while at school. We know that wearing a uniform can help increase school attendance, promote a positive school culture, and increase graduation rates.

The SJA Uniform:

What's Allowed:


Crewneck or Hooded Sweatshirt with Logo

White, Navy or Maroon Polo Shirt with Logo

Cardigan with Logo

Any Uniform-Approved Item from the Spirit Store


Plaid Skirt

Spirt Wear Skirt

Khaki or Navy Pants


Any closed toed shoes

What's Not Allowed:


Hoodies and Tees without a Logo

Tank Tops

Visible Belly Buttons


Jeans or black pants

Shorts or Leggings (unless they are under your skirt)


Flip flops


Any clothing with rips or tears, no matter how in style they may be.

Purchasing SJA Uniforms

You can purchase SJA-branded items through our uniform provider, School Belles.

To view SJA apparel on the site, select 2022, enter in our school code, S3040, and select girl.

Additional information on sizing can be found here and item pricing can be found here.