Group of students hugging and laughing.

SJA is happy to offer over 20 NEW clubs and activities for our students! Since EVERY girl belongs to a club or activity, we have moved most of our club meetings to every Friday during the school day. Clubs meet every Friday during ROAR time, with the exception of clubs like RoboChix Robotics and a few others. Whether it is cooking, gaming, or photography club, all of our selected clubs and activities reflect our students and their interests. Each school year, we update what is included on our Clubs and Activities list based on student's specific interests. Browse the list below to find out which clubs are offered for the 2019-2020 school year!


Art & DIY Club is designed for students who enjoy being creative with their hands. Club time is used to make slime, work on fleece blankets, or tie dye t-shirts. What a pleasant break from the academic day!


Campus Ministry is taking off! Would you like to plan junior retreat, prayer services, and meaningful service projects? This semester’s service project involves a children’s book drive to be able to go read to area children. Please join our club; we need you!


Students who are accepted into College Possible are given additional tools and assistance to navigate the college selection process.

*Students are eligible to participate in College Possible at the end of Sophomore Year.St. Joan Antida High School is in partnership with a number of community agencies that provide opportunities for our students. These groups offer programs on site at the school as well as opportunities for students to participate in city-wide activities.

College Possible is an SJA partner who is making college admission and success possible for low-income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. In 2015-16, 54% of SJA Juniors and Seniors were served by College Possible. In 2016, 100% of SJA's College Possible Seniors were accepted to a 4-year college.

Visit College Possible Milwaukee online.


Love the idea of trying new recipes? Interested in learning how to cook for a group of people? Want to explore new types of foods and flavors? Cooking Club is for you! Each time Cooking Club meets, they utilize one of our kitchens here at SJA to prepare an agreed upon meal. They work together to season, prepare, and cook their dish, and get to eat their “masterpiece” when finished.


Are you a fashionista? Do you enjoy having fun with your look? Come join the Cosmo & Fashion Club! Students use their club time to apply makeup, style hair, or design various outfits.


Dance, Health & Fitness Club gets students moving! This semester the group has been practicing Zumba. Each time the club meets, a different pair of students leads the group based on their choice of music.


Calling all theatre pros! Do you love improv? Do you enjoy a little dramatic play? Yes! Then, Drama Club is perfect for you! Students play improv games, study theatrical performance, and might even put on a show during club time!


Do you love a little competitive play? During club time in the Gaming Club, students may be playing individual computer games or multiplayer cooperative online games. Card games like Spoons and Uno are also popular. Plenty of board games like Fluxx, the Game of Life, and Pirate Dice are also available.


Language & Culture Club explores different cultures through research on customs, language,and cultural aspects (values, economy, life-style, family, etc.). Students identify a region of the world and compare and contrast cultures. Students research the language (learning key phrases), customs,and foods, sharing what they learned about their country. Language & Culture Club then celebrates with a luncheon of foods from the various countries. Come travel the world with us!


Link Crew is a high school transition program that welcomes Freshwomen and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, students are eligible to apply for this program Junior Year.

*Students are eligible to apply for Link Crew at the end of Sophomore Year.


If you are interested in joining Mock Trial, please contact Nicole Schroeder, Dean of Student Affairs, at (414) 274-4708 Ext. 107.


Movie club is designed for serious movie goers! Students in the Movie Club choose movies of different genres to watch during their club time. Discussion and critique follow.


The National Honor Society recognizes outstanding high school students.  Through scholarship, leadership, service, and character, students selected to be a part of this group serve their community. Students are eligible to apply for induction into the National Honor Society as of 10th grade. 

*Students are nominated for induction into the National Honor Society at the end of Sophomore Year.


The Nursing & Health Sciences Club emphasizes career exploration. Students create strategies for reaching out to physicians, RNs and CNAs to coordinate their visit to SJA and club visits to their worksite in either tour or shadow capacities.


This unique leadership development program serves girls from middle to high school and promotes the PEARLS values: Personal Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Respect, Leadership and Support.


Through coaching from adult mentors, problem solving by youth with youth is key to this activity.  Peer Mediation allows two or more students to solve a dispute in a private, safe, and confidential setting to work out problems with the assistance of a trained mediator.


Love capturing memories and moments on film? Good at taking selfies? Photography Club promotes creativity through photography! Share and critique photos of your peers to educate and improve your photography skills!


Want to play the piano? Interested in learning a new skill? Piano Club may be for you! No matter what level of experience you have with a piano, you can join this club and learn with your classmates how to make beautiful music!


Since SJA promotes women in STEM, our RoboChix Robotics Team is a great way to engage and express your passion for robots, building, coding, and design. Our 2018 RoboChix team made it to the World Championships! Join this amazing all-female crew!


Audition for our SJA Singers and sing songs at special events, mass, and in our community.  The 2018 SJA Singers were invited to sing at this year's Catholic Schools Dinner organized by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.


Students Modeling A Research Topic (SMART) Team is an activity where participants experience science as a process of discovery rather then a collection of facts.  Students work as teams to understand a molecular story and to deign  project as a group.


Student Ambassadors support the Office of Admissions and Enrollment by serving as students who welcome and promote the SJA community. Participants attend school visits, assist with campus events, assist in shadow visits, and share their story of why they selected SJA for High School.


Be the student voices for things you would like to see happen at SJA! Student Government works with School Administration to get students voices heard.  Through elections and appointments of officers, this activity is an opportunity to represent your class and advocate for your peers.


Yearbook Club helps us capture the memories of the school year by taking photos, organizing all of the photos, footage, and happenings, and practicing journalism skills!