Catholic Identity

The Catholic Identity of St. Joan Antida High School embraces that every child is a child of God and deserving of love and service. The Catholic School serves to form young people to not only be educated, but to become people of faith and good moral character.

Over the years there have been many writings that affirm the role of Parents, Teachers, and the Religiously Ordained in providing a Catholic Education for all children who come to be served. In partnership with parents, teachers, and the religious, St. Joan Antida High School embraces young women of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds so that they will develop who they are called to be as children of God.

Sacramental Life at SJA

All School Mass:

All students participate in monthly Mass celebrated at the Three Holy Women, St. Rita Parish.
(Please see the School Calendar for dates and times).

Daily Prayer:

The SJA school community comes together in prayer before each meal and as part of our morning announcements.

Seasonal Prayer Services:

SJA holds prayers services during the Advent and Lent seasons.

Pack the Chapel:

Held at lunch periods during the Lenten Season.