Service to others is an integral component to the St. Joan Antida High School experience.


Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS)


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CAS enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience. It provides opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others, fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment from their work. Through self-reflection surrounding eight learning outcomes, students develop a greater awareness of their own values, ability to take initiative, solve problems, collaborate with others, and demonstrate perseverance.


Community and Service


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The community and service program is designed to develop learning, responsibility, practical skills, social skills and a sense of caring for others. The concept of community is viewed from a local or international/global perspective and emphasizes communication and partnership between the student and the community. This project is a traditional service learning program that has students apply what they have learned in both knowledge and skills towards meeting an identified and authentic community need.


Works of Mercy

(Grades 9-12)

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As a Catholic school, rooted in Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church, we are committed to performing Works of Mercy and serving the greater community. Therefore, we encourage our students to complete the Works of Mercy service requirement as part of their formation at St. Joan Antida High School. We are called to be Christ to others, to be witness of the Gospel, and to serve those who are most in need by our actions and words. We bring God's love and compassion to those who are most in need when we reach out and perform Works of Mercy.

Works of Mercy Include:

  • Feeding the Hungry or Giving Drink to the Thirsty
  • Clothing the Naked or Sheltering the Homeless
  • Visiting the Sick or Visiting Those in Prison
  • Instructing the Ignorant or Converting Sinners
  • Comforting the Afflicted or Comforting the Sorrowful


St. Teresa of Calcutta Service Award

Annually, Campus Ministry awards one student from each grade the St. Teresa of Calcutta Service Award. This award is given to the student in each grade that models the virtues of St. Teresa of Calcutta by demonstrating an ongoing commitment to service and performing Works of Mercy.