Oluwatomisin "Tomi" Ladeinde '13

Catching Up With… Oluwatomisin “Tomi” Ladeinde, ’13


By: Lisa Kohlndorfer

Published June 2016

Oluwatomisin “Tomi” Ladeinde is a junior at Cardinal Stritch University studying Accounting. Ladeinde is also the recipient of the Wigchers Family/Zilber, Ltd. Scholarship as part of a partnership between the Boys and Girls Club, Cardinal Stritch, and Mary Ann and Art Wigchers. A transfer student to St. Joan Antida High School (SJA) from Nigeria, Ladeinde remembered well the warm support she received from the school. We asked Ladeinde to spare a few moments to reflect on how SJA has influenced her life so far, and what she would like other students to remember.

What made SJA special to you?

Ladeinde: The teachers were the best part of SJA for me. I kept to myself in the beginning, and they encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. The teachers made me feel welcome in my new community. The Catholic mission also drew me in. One day in particular that stays with me was when my class served lunch to some of the homeless and working poor people at the Open Door Café. It was at that moment I realized that no matter how little I have, I can always share something.

How did SJA prepare you for college?

Ladeinde: SJA prepared me for how difficult college can be. In high school I was always thinking, “This is hard. Why is there so much work?” But now I understand. My teachers at SJA told me that college is not easy. If I could succeed at SJA, then I could succeed in college too. I also appreciate SJA’s mission of leadership. At SJA, every student is encouraged to take on a leadership role. As you get older, you learn that you can easily be shut out if you don’t stand up for what you believe in. SJA helped me learn how to stand up for myself.

Tell us about why you chose Cardinal Stritch University.

Ladeinde: When my mother and I visited Stritch, it felt like the same environment as SJA. It’s a small campus. You know people and people know you. The school also gives you mentors and advisors who are in your corner, who are invested in seeing you succeed. The teachers here challenge me to do better.

What are your plans after college?

Ladeinde: I study Accounting, and I work currently as an intern at Northwestern Mutual. After graduation, I plan on enrolling in a Master’s program with the end goal of taking the CPA exam to become a Certified Public Accountant.

What is one piece of advice you would give to students currently at SJA?

Ladeinde: Don’t be afraid of being yourself. I was extremely shy at first in high school. As a transfer student from another country, I was afraid people would find out I was different. But then I realized that I would rather have people be friends with me for who I really am. Remember that you have so much to offer the world, just by being yourself. I would also tell students to respect their teachers and the work they do to help make you a better person. They don’t have to put in the extra effort, but they are always doing so much more than you realize.

Favorite quote?

Ladeinde: My favorite quote is from Proverbs: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…He will keep your path straight.” Let Him handle whatever you’re worrying about. I just remember that that’s it’s not all on me – He knows that it will be okay in the end