Shadow Visits


Our Shadow Visit program at SJA provides prospective students a firsthand experience to learn what life may look like as a high school student. The program also allows us to properly introduce your young lady to our learning community.

Shadow visits take place at SJA every Friday during the school year.

This day will allow your daughter to spend some time at SJA, complete with classroom instruction, a campus tour, and lunch with current SJA student ambassadors.

We ask that shadowing students refrain from wearing jeans on the day of their visit.

Below is a sample schedule for a Shadow Visit Day for your student or classroom:

Shadow Visit schedule:

7:20 AM: Check- In
7:30 AM: Classroom Visit #1
8:59 AM: Classroom Visit #2
10:28 AM: ROAR/ Student CLUB TIME
11:32 AM: Campus Tour 
12:21 AM: Lunch with Student Ambassadors
1:00 pm: Departure

*Transportation to and from SJA is the responsibility of the visiting family for the day of your visit.


*Shadow Visits are offered to 8th-graders in the Fall and are available to 6th & 7th-graders in the Spring upon request.

If you would like to set up a shadow visit for your student, please contact Andrea Jones, Admissions Coordinator for your individual appointment:

Office Direct Number: (414) 274-4706



Or please fill out the form below and we will contact you to confirm your shadow visit.