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Course Offerings

As an International Baccalaureate World School St. Joan Antida High School is dedicated to an "IB for All" philosophy, preparing high school girls for higher education in a supportive learning environment. Through IB, SJA provides each student a rigorous world-class educational program, encouraging academic achievement, intellectual confidence, and personal growth.

Please see below for the courses offered in each department. Please refer to the graduation requirements page for a list of all required credits that must be taken in each of the academic areas listed below.

2018-2019 St. Joan Antida High School Course Selection Course Guide:


  • There are no half-day programs at St. Joan Antida High School, nor is there early graduation. All students are required to select a minimum of 8.0 units for each year. All students have a study period during advisory activities.
  • Courses are selected for the entire school year, unless indicated otherwise. Corrections and/or program adjustments, if possible, are made at the beginning of each semester. Unforeseen programming problems should be brought to the attention of the guidance department as early as possible.
  • The student is responsible for obtaining necessary signatures for any course marked “consent of instructor (and/or department chairperson) required.”