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Consistent with the Mission and Vision of St. Joan Antida High School (SJA), our academic program seeks to instill in our students a deep respect for intellectual values, academic integrity, and a lifelong passion for learning.

We provide an intellectually challenging college preparatory “International Baccalaureate (IB) for all” program that prepares students to live cooperatively in a global society.

Our students learn to:

  • Think critically and creatively
  • See connections among ideas and data
  • Problem-solve in different situations
  • Express themselves articulately with poise, clarity, and dignity
  • Recognize the value of reflective thinking

SJA follows a semester schedule with annual winter and spring breaks. The academic year begins in mid-August and ends the last week of May.

Our curriculum offers courses in the following departments: English, World Languages, Humanities (History), Science, Engineering (PLTW), Mathematics, Fine Arts, Physical and Health Education, and Theology. We also offer enrichment courses in English and Mathematics for students who need additional support.

Our average class size is 18 students and the ratio of students to full-time faculty is 9:1.

In many courses, class sections are organized on the basis of ability and level of skill development. Parents receive progress reports every six weeks. SJA prepares students for the American College Testing Program (ACT) examination in 11th grade and utilizes the Aspire examination through ACT to inform instruction in the lower grades (9 & 10). Seniors are encouraged to improve on their ACT scores and take a transition course in Cultural Literacy for real world skills needed after high school.

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At St. Joan Antida High School we remain committed to building an inclusive environment that recognizes, respects, and embraces people of all backgrounds – it is core to the mission of our school. We firmly believe in the inclusivity of our campus and promote diversity in all aspects.

Now is the time we need to use our voices. Now is the time to change the world. Stand up, step forth, and through transformative conversations become involved in the community to make changes against acts of racism, hatred, and violence. We must create environments where honest, productive dialogue can take place without resorting to violent acts to make our voices heard.

Let's continue to be at the heart of social change and embrace our brothers and sisters with the love and respect that we all deserve.

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Sister Monica Fumo knew how to get her students' attention.

In the early 1990s, as principal of Milwaukee's all-girls St. Joan Antida High School, Fumo once donned goggles and a leather jacket over her habit and rumbled into the gym on the back of a chopper as "Leader of the Pack" roared over the loudspeaker.

Sister Gabriella Nguyen connected in quieter ways. She teased and cajoled, and listened with the ear and insights of a trusted counselor.

Fumo and Nguyen lived and worked side-by-side for decades as Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida. They died, just days apart this month, of complications related to the coronavirus. Fumo was 78 and Nguyen, 75.

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