Sarah Guerrero

Sarah Guerrero

Director of Admissions and Enrollment

I am excited to introduce myself as the new Director of Admissions and Enrollment at Saint Joan Antida High School. I look forward to working closely with you to prepare for the next generation of SJA students.

I am often described as fun, creative and an “activator”- someone who likes to make decisions, take action and learn from the results. My background includes a variety of avenues in which I love and am very passionate about. In 2009 I graduated from MATC with an associate degree in Business Management.

Throughout my college years I decided to take my hobby for photography a step further and began freelance photography part time while going to school and working full time in the private sector. This lead to my passion for the art of photography, which continues to be staple in my life today.

After working in the private sector for over a decade, I decided to take a leap of faith and go back to school to pursue another field I had dreamed of since I was little - cosmetology. I attended Paul Mitchell the School and have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2013. Right after I graduated, I was offered a position working as the Admissions Leader at Paul Mitchell the School where I had the pleasure of working with girls who were transitioning from high school into the world of cosmetology. I have always enjoyed helping young women plan and prepare for their future and it continues to be a strong influence in my connections with others.

After my time in admissions with Paul Mitchell, I decided to focus 100% on my own business as a professional photographer. I started investing in my talent and am now a proud Certified Minority Owned and Women Owned Business for the City of Milwaukee.

You may be thinking that’s a very diverse background in comparison to my role in admissions. However, I believe my diverse background allows me to not only be a role model, but also to relate to diverse career paths when speaking to our prospects about their future.

One of my goals in my role as Director of Admissions and Enrollment is to spark curiosity in the minds of our prospective students and inspire them to follow their dreams and passions no matter how many turns, winds, or bumps the journey brings. Although it has been a long road, I am proud of the journey I have had, and I am so eager and excited to start working with all of you.