Mission and Vision

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Founded in 1954, St. Joan Antida High School is an all-girl Catholic high school (grades 9-12) sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida that stands out and stands alone among educational institutions in Wisconsin. Located in downtown Milwaukee, it serves a culturally and economically diverse student population, shaping and challenging the minds of today's young women. It is the goal of the St. Joan Antida High School Community to prepare each young woman who walks through our doors to become leaders in their community.

Our Mission

In the spirit of Saint Joan Antida Thouret's passion to educate and empower young women, we prepare our students to lead and serve in a global society through a Catholic values-based education.

Our Vision

St. Joan Antida High School embraces young women and empowers them to discover their God-given potential, give voice to their passion, and change the world.

About SJA

Our Commitment

At St. Joan Antida High School, we are committed to:

1. Academic Rigor
2. Personalized Attention
3. Catholic Faith and Service
4. Leadership Development

Our Core Principles

Our work is carried out based on the core principles of:

  • Providing access
  • Providing college-bound curriculum through the International Baccalaureate Programme
  • Providing an enriched student-life experience
  • Providing a safe and modern learning environment