We See You, Hear You, and Are There for You

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Martin Luther King, Jr.

We see you, hear you, and are there for you. With the death of George Floyd and other recent acts of racism hurting our communities, we cannot stay silent with the injustices that minority populations are facing today and have endured throughout this country's history.

We talk a lot at SJA about our values. At the core of them, you have heard us talk in our assemblies:

"We Embrace. We Engage. We Empower. Go use your voice to change the world."

Now is the time we need to use our voices. Now is the time to change the world. Stand up, step forth, and through peaceful actions become involved in the community to make changes against acts of racism, hatred, and violence. We must create environments where honest, productive conversations can take place without resorting to violent acts to make our voices heard.

On Thursday, June 4, at noon, we will be hosting a "Lean-In Lunch" to have an open conversation about the recent events happening in our community. Ebony Lewis from the Boys and Girls Club will be facilitating this conversation. Bring your lunch and join us via Zoom at noon to have your voice heard or to simply hear the voices of other SJA members.

The pace of change is frustratingly slow, but we must continue to be at the heart of social change. We are opposed to the abusive power that dehumanizes any human being. We support what is right in respecting the lives and livelihood of every person. Our communities are diverse, and that diversity makes us stronger.

At St. Joan's we remain committed to building an inclusive environment that recognizes, respects and embraces people of all backgrounds – it is core to the mission of our school. We firmly believe in the inclusivity of our campus and promote diversity in all aspects.

We must find ways to make peace and to embrace our brothers and sisters with the love and respect that we all deserve.


The SJA Leadership Team