St. Joan Antida High School's most memorable Instagram posts of 2020

Social media and especially Instagram have helped to keep us together throughout the past year as we transitioned to our new virtual way of life. 2020 was a year one to remember - from the joy of graduation and the start of a new school year to celebrating the lives of our beloved Sisters, here is a look back at our favorite St. Joan Antida High School posts of 2020.

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We faced the future empowered and ready to change the world.

We embraced our diversity and celebrated what makes us unique.

We engaged with new and familiar faces.

We entertained and welcomed each other on the first day of classes.

We remembered two of our beloved Sisters, honored their legacies, and celebrated their lives.

We took time to cast our vote and make our voices heard.

We were continually overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, generosity, and support throughout 2020.