Spirit Week 2017

SJA students, staff and faculty had a ton of fun during this year's Spirit Week! Spirit Week is a chance for us to promote POSITIVE ENERGY throughout our building and school community.

Monday started the week off with a very appropriate PJ Day, followed by Throw Back Day on Tuesday, Costume Day on Wednesday, Hawaiian Day on Thursday, and Class Color Day on Friday.

Students participated in a variety of events throughout the week. Our freshwomen created Positive Paw Prints that are now proudly hung throughout the school. Sophomores and juniors created large spirit posters to hang throughout the school and to use at the Pep Rally, and our seniors had a window painting session decorating the Ogden doors closest to the cafeteria.

Spirit Week culminated in a high-energy Pep Rally on Friday. Students and Staff/Faculty participated in a variety of fun games

such as Crazy Hula, Relay Race, Dodge Ball and a Lyrical Challenge. Shout-out to our Staff/Faculty that won the Relay Race and huge congratulations to our seniors that won a very riveting game of Dodgeball against Staff/Faculty.

Thank you to Ms. CC and Link Crew for organizing this year's Spirit Day!