Link Crew holds 'Link Back Up' Lunch
Link Crew holds 'Link Back Up' Lunch

After the completion of the first marking period of the year, our Link Crew leaders and Freshwomen celebrated our annual Link

Back Up Lunch on Sept. 26, 2017. This annual event allows for our Juniors and Seniors to engage outside of the classroom with our newest members of the SJA learning community.

The Freshwomen were welcomed to the gym by their Link Leaders, who created a festive environment with decorations and energetic music. After getting into their lunch groups, they started the day with prayer that was lead in both English and Spanish. The day was about connecting and celebrating the completion of the first marking period for all of the students.

Link Crew kicked off the start of the fun with an active session of good old dodge ball! Once the girls got their hearts pumping and some laughs out, the group began lunch. Students enjoyed a meal in SJA's greenspace on picnic blankets, and wrapped up with dessert.

Following lunch, all groups were given the assignment of coming up with goals for the remainder of the year. Students were able to put together beautiful messages of hope for themselves and their high-school careers that were hung on the trees in our community garden for all to see.

Students then got into collaborative groups and tested their acting skills as they were each given a topic to act out in a skit. Link Leaders and their Freshwomen acted out scenarios that included bullying, good/bad study habits in the classroom, and how to show kindness to others, just to name a few.

The Link Back Up lunch reinforced SJA's mission to community by allowing for our youngest members of our high school to collaborate, connect and celebrate with those upperclasswomen who have benefited from Link Crew.

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