Letter to the SJA Community from the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida

Feast of St. Joan Antida

Dear Alumnae, Families, and Friends in the SJA Faith Community,

We want to thank you for the outpouring of support and concern you have extended to the sisters and each other as we mourn the loss of Srs. Gabriella Nguyen and Monica Fumo.

Suffering is a mystery. Our Catholic and Christian beliefs give us a way to view it in the light of faith. I offer the following reflection and YouTube link as one way to "try to make sense" of the heartache that people throughout the world are suffering because of the COVID-19 virus. Please do not forget those who have not only lost loved ones but also the hungry, homeless, unemployed, poor, abandoned, abused, trafficked, addicted, stressed, and weary spirits and bodies. We are all God's people. We need to unite and stand in faith and love. God's presence and goodness are made manifest through us.

May St. Joan Antida and all our dear Sisters who served at SJA intercede for you and your loved ones,

Sister Theresa Rozga, SCSJA and the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida

Faith Reflection, by Sister Theresa Rozga

"Be Not Afraid" by Dan Schutte