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Home is the Heart

We embrace. We engage. We empower.

St. Joan Antida High School embraces young women and empowers them to discover their God-given potential, give voice to their passion, and change the world.


St. Joan Antida High School offers a diverse course catalog created around career pathways that build a strong educational foundation of critical thinking and core skills that allows our students to explore career choices and plan their future.


St. Joan Antida High School offers a number of team and individual competitive sports that challenge our students mentally and physically. Guided by state-winning coaches, our students are taught critical thinking and teamwork skills they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Student Life

St. Joan Antida offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities for students including a wide range of co-curriculars and a robust student services team


St. Joan Antida High School's success is due in large part to its dedicated donors. Whether is a donation of time, in-kind or monetary, the investment that our donors make in SJA grows dividends in our students.


St. Joan Antida High School is proud to have a 68-year legacy in Milwaukee with more than 5,000 successful women graduates that go on to be business owners, executives, community organizers, healthcare leaders and more. 


St. Joan Antida High School is the best place for your daughter to learn and grow in a diverse environment that is academically challenging and emotionally supportive. Ask any of our students and they'll say SJA is like a second home and a second family ready to help them reach their goals.

What's Happening

By the Numbers


receive financial aid to attend SJA.


hours of service completed by our students in the 2021-2022 school year.


Students enrolled for the 2023-2024 School Year.


years of serving Milwaukee's young women.


volunteers supporting the SJA mission in and out of the classroom.


attendance rate for 2023-2024.


our overall student-to-teacher ratio.


of prospective families cite a positive & safe environment as one of their reasons to apply.


Student Clubs & Athletic opportunities for students.