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Dear St. Joan Antida Supporters,

The semester is well underway at St. Joan Antida, and we remain energized in our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

Engagement and high expectations continue to be our focus - and we are succeeding.  As teachers plan and prepare their daily lessons, they are committed to gains in student achievement. Each lesson is prepared with the idea of how will I know my students understand?  In unit planning, objectives, essential questions, instructional techniques, and assessments are included and scrutinized to maintain the integrity of our programs and courses.

Our commitment to a faith-based education is embedded in everything we do. In the morning, at lunch, and at the end of each day, we come together as a prayerful community rejoicing in the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.  Attending mass and prayer services throughout the year enable staff and students to give praise to God.  Giving back to the greater community is an essential component of our SJA Campus Ministry Program. Through the works of our SJA Faith Formation Team, our Catholic faith traditions become a part of our staff culture, thus a part of every curriculum area.

Our focus on service and excellence from our staff for our students is impressive. The philosophy is clear: our students are entitled to the best education available - and we deliver. Our students are a gift from God. 


Maria Schram

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